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What just happened? (06-08-20)

A Reading

“Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.” (Acts 3:19)

A Thought

I have been playing some golf recently. After two rounds of very satisfactory shots, my game has deteriorated dreadfully. My golf balls have been scuffing along the ground, or finding their way along a wayward trajectory into the trees. So often in fact that my playing partner has found great humour in comparing me to that famous golfer who had a habit of playing off the trees (an Irishman called O’Shea, and known to his friends as Rick)*.

Sometimes, after a series of weak approach shots, a good connection is made and the ball sails in the required direction, onto the green, and into the hole. There are two problems with this.

Firstly, I don’t know what made the difference to my swing such that the ball did what it was supposed to. This is very frustrating. Secondly, in spite of the congratulations offered by my partner, I know that the success is completely undeserved. Even so, my card records a flattering par. No one will know about the appalling approach shots and they are no longer relevant.

It reminds me of the redemption through grace that is offered by Jesus.

My unworthy and sinful actions are wiped out through a simple repentance and confirmation of faith in Jesus Christ. My sinful actions are neither recorded nor any longer relevant. I know that this gracious act is completely undeserved, but there is nothing I can do about it. My scorecard records an unblemished life.

However, I do now know how this has happened. It has happened because of the infinite love of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Unlike my golf swing, my future behaviour will be greatly improved through an understanding of how this has happened.

* ricochet!

A Prayer

Lord Jesus,

Thank you that you died for my sins and wiped my slate permanently clean.

I know that I do not deserve this outcome.

May your Holy Spirit please help me to be a better person on this and every day.


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