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Parish Giving Scheme

For those who want to support the life and work of the churches in the Walgrave Benefice, through regular monthly donations, we are using the Parish Giving Scheme 


This is a system set up by the national church which makes the process very efficient,

and gives donors the benefits of the direct debit scheme. 


If you would like to donate, please contact your local treasurer below, 
or call the Parish Giving Scheme on their telephone number: 0333 002 1271.  

If you want to call the Parish Giving Scheme, you will need your bank details
and the Parish Giving Scheme code for your church. These are as follows:

                                                 Old:                  280628063

                                                 Scaldwell:       280628066

                                                 Hannington:  280628051

                                                 Walgrave:       280628070

Your church treasurers are:

Old:  John Chilton

Walgrave and Hannington: Vera Smith

Scaldwell: Sue Dodds-Smith

An email to will reach the relevant treasurer.





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