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Plagues (19-11-20)

A Reading

Pharoah sent for Moses and Aaron during the night. “Get out!” he ordered. “Leave my people – and take the rest of the Israelites with you! Go and worship the Lord as you have requested. Take your flocks and herds, as you said, and be gone. Go, but bless me as you leave”. (Exodus 12: 31-32)

A Thought

The Tuesday morning bible study group is working its way through the book of Genesis. Having covered Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark and the tower of Babel, I found myself yesterday having to skip forward into Exodus to read about the ten plagues that afflicted Egypt. I needed to know how they were ended. It appears that the Jews were finally saved through the sacrifice and blood of a lamb.

The last week has been rather difficult in the Willis household. We have identified a leak in the roof, a leak from the bathroom, a wasp nest in the attic, and carpets that need replacement. Home deliveries of printer ink and travel bags respectively have been incorrect, and a shoulder injury has been sustained by a member of the household.

All these faults can be fixed, but finding and co-ordinating the right people is a commitment. Discussions or visits from the roofer, plumber, carpet fitters, physiotherapist, customer service centres and courier deliveries mean we cannot move away from the phone, front door or diaries. Meanwhile, I have removed the wasp nest.

It reminds me that our lives can also be repaired and made new. And in spite of our many different faults, we don’t need to contact a range of ‘gurus’ to put us right. Just one person will do.

Like the Jews in Egypt, we have also been saved through the sacrifice of a lamb. Only our lamb is The Lamb, Jesus Christ. Through repentance and faith, our lives will be repaired and made new, at the time of our choosing.

Join us on Tuesday mornings by Zoom. All are welcome. 01536 791008 for more information.

A Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus

I know that you are the Lamb of God, who loves me and died for me.

Thank you that you took my punishment instead of me - I am truly sorry for the sins that I commit.

Please fill me with the Holy Spirit, that my new life begins now.


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