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Justice Today (26-02-22)

Bible Reading: Psalms 2:1-7,12

Why do the nations rage? Why do people make their useless plots?

Their kings revolt, their rulers plot together against the Lord and against the king he chose.

"Let us free ourselves from their rule," they say; "let us throw off their control."

From his throne in heaven the Lord laughs and mocks their feeble plans.

Then he warns them in anger and terrifies them with his fury.

"On Zion, my sacred hill," he says, "I have installed my king."

"I will announce," says the king, "what the Lord has declared.

He said to me: 'You are my son; today I have become your father.

Happy are all who go to him for protection.

A Reflection:

‘That’s not fair!’ says a five-year old, sulking when her three-year old brother gets to choose which story will be read at bedtime, while on a different occasion he stamps his foot and says ‘No!’ when asked to do something he doesn’t want to.

Such reactions are not limited to children, as King David wrote in Psalm 2, ‘Why do the nations rage?’ We might ask the same question today when one nation threatens another nation or when there are protests on the streets about government regulations in another country and civil war between different factions in yet another country. Why indeed do the nations rage?

In David’s time, as in ours, there seems to be a struggle between power, freedom and justice with the miscomprehension that overturning one set of rules leads freedom when in fact it only leads to a different set of rules. The important point is not the presence or absence of rules, but the source of the rules and the justice or otherwise that they bring.

I guess we all struggle with rules and regulations at some time, especially when we think there is a degree of injustice or when we are being asked to do something we don’t want to do.

As David reflects on the rage of the nations around him, and their desire to free themselves from the rules, he is aware that the source of Israel’s rules is the Lord, and that the underlying principle is not power but relationship, the relationship between a Father and a Son.

As nations rage about power, freedom and justice, let us pray that their leaders seek to lead and govern their countries with justice and acknowledge the overall sovereignty of God, whose commandments are for our blessing and for our freedom, and who wants a relationship with us as our loving Heavenly Father. For, as King David recognises, ‘Happy are all who go to him for protection.


Heavenly Father, grant your grace and your wisdom to all world leaders. May they govern with justice and with integrity so that the world might live in freedom and in peace.


Lord, for the years

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