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Healing (22-10-20)

A Reading

Jesus travelled throughout the region of Galilee, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed every kind of disease and illness. (Matthew 4:23)

A Thought

Recently we have been sorry to hear of several friends who have experienced acute health issues requiring medical intervention.

In some instances, the health issues have not been recognised until conversation with a GP identifies an urgent need for medical review. At other times, symptoms have been sufficiently clear or severe that the ambulance service is called. Whether they arrive at hospital with a blue light or not, a hospital consultant will review their symptoms and recommend appropriate treatment.

The treatments have been prompt life-saving surgery to arrest the immediate threat, and a counselling session on risk factors. This usually comprises maturing years and lifestyle (typically diet, alcohol and exercise). A sharp change in priorities is initiated.

Our church is a hospital, and we are the GPs and consultants who work there. The bodies we diagnose and advise are not earthly. They are spiritual souls.

Through our daily interactions with people, we can recognise feelings of worthlessness and despair among those we meet. We have experience and knowledge that flows from our faith in Jesus, and we are able to counsel a visit to our hospital with the appropriate urgency.

Of course, the life-saving surgery lies completely in the hands of the surgeon, our Lord Jesus Christ. But he has a 100% record of success with those who sign the consent form and enter this theatre.

Jesus counsels a renewed focus on lifestyle. A life that is secured in the knowledge of the love of Christ, and which is implemented through a more attentive service to the needs of others.

Only this life is not limited by maturing years. It is eternal.

A Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you that you willingly heal our broken souls and grant us eternal life.

May we redirect our thoughts and actions towards love and service of others.

In your mercy,


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