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Visible mistakes (01-10-20)

A Reading

Be kind and loving to each other, and forgive each other just as God forgave you in Christ (Ephesians 4: 32)

A Thought

After many unsuccessful attempts to reseed shaded parts of our garden with grass, last week we received a delivery of turf. Having confirmed the dimensions of turf rolls and paced out the target areas, my calculations resulted in an order for 42 rolls.

At the weekend, weeds were removed, and the ground raked and watered. Laying the turf was very satisfying, a bit like constructing a Lego model (other toy brands are available). The grass is dense, and the lain strips shout out ‘quality’. The turf has been watered and trodden to help it establish itself.

One major error has arisen. I have not ordered enough rolls, and need another 11 to lie alongside the lain turf. These have been ordered, but there is a substantial risk that they will not be the same ‘colour’.

Every time I mow the area, I am likely to be reminded of my calculation failures. Unlike the respect granted to Capability Brown, there will be chuckles when friends ponder the new landscape and comment upon the contrasting colours in the lawn.

When past mistakes are disclosed to God, the result is very different. Through faith and confession, God will forgive our foolish actions and no longer hold us accountable for them. In heaven, he bears the shame and guilt on our behalf. Our self-conscience is cleared, and evidence of the mistake is removed from his view and from ours. We can move forward with a new spring in our step.

Neither will fellow Christians judge us for our mistakes. As Christians, we recognise that we are as flawed as the next person, and take no pride in that. In fact, reminders of our fallibility are valuable to correct our own behaviours and resentment. We are called to help and to forgive others, not to belittle them.

Which is far more important than the new delivery of turf this morning.

A Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus,

Help me to unburden my mind and my soul, and to begin again.

In you may I find forgiveness for my mistakes and mis-deeds;

In myself may there be found forgiveness to those who have injured me;

That we all may dwell in your peace and love.


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