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Trapped (11-11-21)

Trapped (11-11-21)

A Reading

For everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. (Romans 10:13)

A Thought

Professor Brian Cox was on television again last night to explain the history of our solar system. Quantitative science and orbiting space telescopes prove that the Milky Way (in which we live in the outer regions) will continue to merge with other local galaxies, whilst the rest of the universe accelerates away from us.

We are already some 2 million light years away from our nearest galaxy (so a long journey time) but in another few billion years even light speed will not be enough to catch up with the rest of the universe accelerating away from us.

I know from previous encounters that Brian does not believe that the universe reflects intelligent design. Accordingly, he concludes that we will become trapped where we are in this galaxy, an accidental by-product of evolution.

But Christians do not need to feel trapped,

The Creator of the universe has promised eternal life to Christians, and a new earth on which to live. When we accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and repent of our sins, we can know that we live with God forever and can enjoy the peace of God. There is no need to worry about our future.

I hope that Brian manages to watch that other trending programme on television, Songs of Praise.

A prayer

God our Father, you created the world and sent your only son Jesus Christ to live amongst us.

Thank you that through faith in Jesus Christ we may live within you, and you within us, for ever.


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