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The Longest Day (17-06-21)

A Reading

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

(John 1: 5)

A Thought

In my record collection I have an album on which Geoff Love and his Orchestra play big war movie themes. (If you are aged under 30 and none of this introduction makes sense, ask your grandparents for an explanation).

One of the tracks is The Longest Day. This was an epic film about the WWII June 6 1944 Normandy preparation and landings, and included cameo performances from a wide range of international film stars, some of whom had themselves served during WWII. The film was non-fictional, and employed Axis and Allied military consultants to advise on events that they had participated in.

For soldiers, their transport departed in the early hours. Many difficulties and casualties were encountered before a bridgehead could be secured on the landing beaches, to support the removal of enemy forces and rescue of enslaved civilians. Victory would ultimately be achieved, but for the moment it was indeed a long day. Very different to the summer equinox that we are approaching.

The Christian church is engaged in a battle to rescue souls. These souls have become enslaved through believing blasphemy against Jesus Christ, namely that he was not the Son of God and is not relevant to our lives. This battle has already lasted for two millenia, and many strong and famous foot soldiers have fought along the way.

We are not protected from incoming ridicule of our beliefs, and regrettably some may succumb to this hostile fire. ‘That’s fine, if that’s what you believe!’ But we have strong and supportive witnesses in our team, who can provide confirmation and covering fire for our position.

And just as in the The Longest Day, we know the sequel that follows. For in the end, the Lamb wins. And so do we.

A battle hymn for the fight of faith

I have fought the good fight;

I have finished the course;

I have fought the good fight;

I have kept the faith.

Henceforth there is laid up for me

The crown of righteousness

Which the Lord, the righteous judge,

Will recompense me on that day.

And not only me,

But also all who have loved His appearing.

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