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Speaking out (27-05-22)

A Reading

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

A Thought

At the recent state opening of parliament, Prince Charles read out the Queen’s speech. This sets out the government’s proposed agenda for policy and legislation. The Queen has no part in drafting the Queen’s Speech, which is written by the government and approved by the Cabinet. Charles had to read it verbatim, without expression, concealing any personal views that he may have regarding the appropriateness of the proposals.

Following a positive Covid test early on a Sunday morning, it was necessary to hand my typed talk and prop (the Hungry Caterpillar) to David Bent at very short notice to deliver on my behalf. There is no established protocol for what would happen next, so I watched the recorded service on our benefice website with interest.

I was anticipating that David might rephrase or embellish my talk, and there was one area that I considered that would be most appropriate. It was a section where I stated that amongst the major world religions only Christianity recognises the crucial role of Jesus Christ.

David was of similar mind. He explained that all religions recognise the gap that our sinful behaviours creates between God and ourselves. Other religions teach that we can bridge this gap through our own efforts. But that is not what Jesus quite clearly stated. He said that he is the only person who can bridge that gap, which is precisely why he came to earth to die on our behalf.

Great Britain is a nation build on the tolerance and grace of Christian belief. We live in a peaceful multi faith society, but we need to understand that the only way to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ.

We are called to share our faith with others, because the messages from other sources are not substantiated in the history of Jesus Christ.

Salvation is all about Jesus, no more, no less.

A prayer

Heavenly Father,

I praise and thank You for the glorious victory

gained through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,

breaking the condemnation of sin and death,

so that all who trust in Jesus’ name shall live forever.

Father, I acknowledge that the victory is Christ's alone,

but thanks be to God, that by Your great grace,

You have given us that same wonderful victory,

through our Saviour,

Jesus Christ our Lord.


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