Revs David and Helen Bent



Following a degree in Agricultural Science at Leeds University, David spent 13 years working as a Farm Adviser. After training for the Anglican Ministry, David was ordained in 1996 and since then has ministered in Norwich and Sheffield Dioceses for 23 years before becoming Rector of The Walgrave Benefice in 2019.


Helen originally trained as a musician at Sheffield University, specialising in Singing and Piano. Following a teaching career, she was ordained in 1998 and now works as Head of Ministerial Training For the Royal School of Church Music. Helen also spends time helping with parish ministry in The Walgrave Benefice, as Associate Priest.


Helen and David have a son and a daughter living, having sadly lost a daughter in 2014. They also have three grandchildren. In their ministry David and Helen are keen to help God’s people grow to maturity in the Christian faith, and for people in the local communities to know God’s love for them.